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Lori Waters is the author and voice behind Thee Inside Poop as well as the owner and operator of The Litter Sitter, a local dog walking and pet sitting company in Miami Beach, FL. When she's not busy blogging and taking care of clients' pets you can find her running around with her german shepherd Zoey or having in-depth conversations with her two fur balls, Michi and Oakley!

Wordless Wednesday – Stella The Blind Golden


At only a year and a half old this adorable little Golden has a degenerative eye disease that is causing her to go blind BUT she doesn’t let it stop her from doing all the things she loves including going on daily walks with me!

Yes, she tends to bump into almost everything and trips more often than not but if you met her in person you’d see that she loves life regardless of whether or not she can see 🙂

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Paws and Play – Subscription Box Review



This week we have yet another pet subscription box for review and this one is from our friends over at Paws and Play! Like most subscription boxes you can choose from a variety of memberships those ranging in size of your furry friend: toy, small, medium, large and GIANT. I thought it was pretty cool that they have such a variety of options for boxes to choose from aside from your standard small, medium and large. They also have boxes specifically for cats AND as if that weren’t enough they even have holiday and pet parent boxes!!! Holiday boxes (currently being Christmas) come with an assortment of goodies for that specific holiday in this case you’d receive a variety of Christmas themed goodies. As for the pet parents boxes it appears as though you (the pet parent) would receive items that you might possibly be able to use or that is pet related and that you can use on your pet. I can’t be anymore specific than that being that I’ve not received this particular box but I just thought I’d mention that as a side note.r4

For this month’s Paws and Play box there were a number of favorites not just for myself (which is surprising because most boxes only contain items that our fur balls can use) but also for Zoey! I have to say Zoey and the gang (the gang being my mother in laws dogs who happened to be around when I was sampling the products) loved the goodies! But then again they’re dogs and they’ll pretty much eat and love anything I give them… especially if it’s treats!

Modern Dog Magazine:

This was a HUGE favorite for me as I love reading pet related magazines. Ironically I hadn’t heard of this magazine before so it came as a pleasant surprise for me! This magazine features a ton of healthy and organic products along with some pretty awesome and informational articles related to pets.

Trail Blazin’ Bits:

As with most treats that I give Zoey and the gang they inhale them and don’t ask questions about it. I did appreciate the fact that they were grain free which I’m a huge fan of and they smelled pretty good!


If I still ate meat I’d probably enjoy these very much 🙂

SPOT Catie Crocodile: 

Unfortunately for Zoey she’s not a big fan of plush toys, tug toys or anything else that isn’t round and doesn’t bounce. I on the other hand thought this toy was super cute and it looked to be pretty durable as well although I doubt it would last in the hands of our dog if she decided to play with it as she has a very bad habit of tearing the stuffing out of toys… when she’s not chasing after tennis balls that is.r3

Silverspur Bully Stick:

This was of course Zoey’s favorite item of the box. She’s a HUGE fan of bully sticks and literally sat outside chewing this thing to pieces while I shot photos of these products to share with you guys! I think it took her about 10-15 minutes to be done with this stick. It was relatively small for her, probably better suited for a small dog, but she enjoyed it regardless.

Van Ness Food Scoop:

I’d been looking to buy another one of these scoops for my cats and luckily I was able to receive one in this month’s Paws and Play subscription box. This scooper really beats having to use a cup (a literal glass or measuring cup) as I’ve had to do in the past. You can get a full 1 cup measure using this scoop without having to go back in for multiple scoops and if you need to you can obviously fill it up to capacity and add more.

Wild Callings Wet and Dry Food Samples

Wet food… need I say more? Zoey loves wet food so this was obviously another one of her favorites for this months subscription box. As for the treats she ate those too and these also passed the sniff test! If you don’t know about the sniff test please read more about it in my last subscription box review.


This is a great subscription box to start out with given the number of options to choose from as far as boxes are concerned: toy, small, medium, large, giant, holiday and pet parent boxes. They have some pretty amazing products for each month so you definitely won’t be disappointed and they’re currently offering a discount for first time members:

50% Off Your First Month When You Subscribe To Any Membership box 

Membership boxes start at $14.95! 

Have you tried Paws and Play for your pets or even for yourself? If so, what’d you think?

* This post is sponsored by Paws & Play. I received a Paws & Play box in exchange for my honest review of their product.

Breakfast With Bengals!





“Good Morning” – Valentino



“Where’s deh breakfazt?”

This is how my mornings start when I visit Valentino and his sister Akasha (Bengals). Their automatic feeder is typically empty by the time I stop by (usually because Akasha eats most of it… she’s currently on a diet) and so commences the meowling by Valentino who is extremely upset because it’s empty and he’s STARVING!


Once breakfast has been served, you can usually find him on the balcony stairs sun bathing! He loves people watching on these steps which overlook the city and can literally sit here for hours… although I don’t have the luxury of hanging out for that long!

val3He’s such a sweet little guy with a great personality!


PetBox Unboxing & Review!


Have you guys noticed how popular pet subscription boxes have been as of late? I mean seriously there’s at least 10 different kinds of subscription boxes for both dogs and cats! I’ve always been interested in these boxes but have never actually tested them out… until now! This past month we were lucky enough to receive our very first subscription box thanks to our friends over at PetBox and we (more so myself) couldn’t be more excited, although I’m sure Zoey was pretty excited about it too because she kept sniffing and pawing at the box… not to mention following me around everywhere I went!

For those of you souls, because I assume everyone who is a dog or cat lover has already heard, seen and is probably already subscribed, who have no idea what PetBox is it’s essentially a monthly subscription box filled with tons of goodies for your furry friend! These goodies include food products (wet or dry), treats, chew toys, toys, grooming products and so much more. There is a variety of subscription plans that anyone can choose depending on your budget and those range anywhere from $9.95-$59.95.

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