Dog Days of Summer – How To Stay Cool!

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It’s already July and I swear I think I can almost cook an egg on the sidewalk!

For those of us living in scorching hot locations, like myself – thank you Miami, making sure our fur balls stay COOL during walks is of utmost importance but sometimes it can be challenging. I mean when you live in a city that’s virtually an oven 90% of the time it kind of makes you want to stay home and buy your pup a Doggy Lawn so you never have to leave your house again! But we all know that’s not healthy for our kids so we have to make the best of it and find new and creative ways to beat the heat!

So what exactly can you do to stay cool during the summer months?

Avoid Walking During Peak Hours (11a-4p)

This is by far the most important piece of information! I don’t know if you’ve ever walked outside at about noon on a sunny day but it is HOT. And I don’t just mean hot and humid, I mean so hot it makes your skin itch and burn. Now if it’s this uncomfortable for you as a person, can you imagine how much more uncomfortable it must be for your dog? Dogs who already have a higher temperature than we do (101.5 vs 98.6) and loads of fur. It’s insane. It can seem virtually impossible to avoid walking your dog during the mid day hours especially if Fido’s routine is 3-4 walks a day (am, mid day, afternoon and pm or a similar schedule) but there are some ways to get around this situation.

You can always walk your pup twice in the morning, their first walk being when you first wake up, one just before mid day at about 10a or 11a,  their third walk just after 4/5p and then one just before bed. I know for some pups this might be hard especially if they can’t hold it for longer than 4-5 hours at a time in which case it’s ok to let them out during the mid day hours for a quick potty break, 10-15 mins so they can do their business and get right back inside. At TLS – Dog Walking & Pet Care we offer a service just like that which comes in handy for our brachycephalic breeds and is great for all our dogs so they don’t have to be out in the heat for so long.


Walk In The Shade | On Grass (Avoid Concrete) 

Walking in the shade is also a great way to stay cool. If you’ve beat the peak hours for hot temperatures and it’s still hot but not scorching, staying in the shade as well as walking on the grass is a bonus! It helps keep Fido cool, not to mention you don’t have to worry about their pads getting burned from walking on the hot pavement or about them overheating. I think the worst part about walking dogs during the summer is definitely the hot pavement. A lot of us pet owners don’t realize hot truly hot the ground can get but I myself have tested the pavement with my own two hands as well as feet and let me tell you… it’s hot. Just yesterday I saw a man walking from the beach barefoot… He didn’t have any shoes on and didn’t look like he had any on his person, which struck me as kind of odd, but you could clearly see that he was struggling as he made his way across the street to his car. He was literally speed walking and hoping around trying to make it to the grass to gain some relief. Granted our dogs have thicker pads/paws that we do but that can only help so much.

If you see your dog pacing back and forth and scratching/pawing at the ground, that’s a tell-tale sign that the ground is hot and they probably shouldn’t be standing in or around that area.

Drink Lots of Water!

Aside from avoiding peak hours, walking in the shade and/or on the grass it’s just as important that your pup stay hydrated. I usually carry a portable water bowl with me when I walk my dog but in the event that I forget to bring oneI  like to stop in at the local dog park so she can get a drink OR stop by one of the many water bowls around the area. Some local shops that are pet friendly always have full water bowls available for furry friends.

So what are you and your pup doing to stay cool this summer?

Leave your tips and comments down below, I’d love to hear them!



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