Dog Play Groups: What are they like?

So we’ve been getting a lot of questions here at TLS about our Dog Play Groups, some of you guys are really curious as to what exactly we do during these play groups, if their pups qualify and what the process is like to get into a play group.

Well, all your questions will be answered in this blog post!

Essentially our Dog Play Groups are small groups of dogs usually 4 dogs to a group, if we have a few stragglers here and there where we don’t have enough dogs to form another small group then we’ll usually just put them into an existing group so we may have 5-6 dogs in a group depending on what the week looks like. These groups are based specifically on size, age, energy level and temperament. So for example if we have a toy breed like a chihuahua or a yorkie we wouldn’t put them in a large breed group where they’ll be surrounded by a mastiff, greyhound or a great dane. At times we will make an exception at the clients request and will bring a small dog into a large dog group, this usually happens if the client also has a large dog and a small dog in their household. When this does happen we pay close attention to the little guys so they don’t get face smushed while running around with the big dogs. Last thing we want is to have a little chihuahua having to walk around in a cast because he got trampled while playing with the other dogs! We try our best to make the perfect mixture of pups in each group, so we concentrate on not only their size but their age (no one wants a senior and a puppy in the same age group, chances are the puppy will more than likely annoy the senior to death before the hour is over), energy level and temperament. Dogs who love chasing each other around in circles will probably be put in the same group so they can run to their little hearts content and then of course we make sure to carefully screen our pups so that they’re all friendly and social with each other. If we find that a golden retriever hates labs then we’re definitely not putting them together in a group!

For new clients interested in our play groups we have a screening process of a few weeks, usually 4-6 weeks, in which we start them out as a dog walking client to asses their pups behavior especially around other dogs. From there we will routinely take them to the dog park and “test them out” and if all ends well after this period of time we can then move them into a play group. This screening process varies in time for each individual client.

In order for your pup to qualify for a play group he/she must play well with others, be spayed/neutered and also be immunized. We will make exceptions for dogs who have a distaste for specific dogs but if your dog is aggressive with other dogs we won’t be able to place him in a group.

Now on to the fun stuff… what we do during these play groups depend on the dogs in the group. Some dogs are perfectly content running around and playing with each other while others have a taste for the finer things in life… tennis balls! If your dog happens to love tennis balls we will bring along a “rocket launcher,” that’s what I like to call them lol you use them to throw balls long distances, the dogs love them, and we’ll play fetch with your dog for as long as they can stand it! If your dog has a different preference in toy we’d be more than happy to bring that one along with us as well.

Our play groups are 60 minutes long and we pick-up and drop-off pups from where ever it is that they are. We make sure to bring tons of water with us and/or bowls if the park we frequent has fountains so that none of our pups get dehydrated!

If you’re interested in one of our dog play groups feel free to schedule one for your pup today!

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Lori Waters

Lori Waters

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Lori Waters