DoggieLawn Product Review

DoggieLawn Product Review

I came across DoggieLawn while surfing the interwebs and hopped on over to their site to investigate what this dog lawn was all about! The concept was pretty darn interesting, I’d seen previous “dog lawns” in the past, specifically my father-in-law bought this “grass potty” for his 6 dachshunds to use because they’re so NOT potty trained. Turns out it wasn’t a real patch of grass but more like fake plastic grass with a tray underneath where you switch out puppy pads after they’re full. It was gross and disgusting and needless to say it ended up in the yard after a few days. The DoggieLawn on the other hand, much better concept and execution!

What’s a DoggieLawn?

DoggieLawn is a monthly subscription service in which you can choose to have their high quality lawns delivered to you weekly, biweekly or monthly. They have their standard lawn which is 24×20 inches (which is the one we tried) and they also have their DoggieLawn Plus measuring in at 24×48 inches which is much larger to accommodate larger dogs or multiple pets. For the Plus size you can also choose to buy their DoggieLawn Potty Plus Tray which is essentially where the grass will live for the duration that you have it!

The Arrival

Prior to our DoggieLawn arriving I was told to immediately open the box to allow the grass to breathe. I thought that bit was pretty funny but it honestly never crossed my mind that grass needed air so as soon as I found it propped up in front of our apartment I brought it in and opened it. I was hit with a wave of earthy, wet grass smell. I hadn’t expected it to smell so pungent but it did and it actually smelled pretty good and kept smelling that way for the next or so. Not too long after I opened the box my two cats along with sisters two cats made their way over to begin their routine inspection, as is standard procedure for all things that come into the apartment. My sisters cats were very intrigued by the DoggieLawn being that they’d never before seen grass. They sniffed and scratched, ate and dug and then eventually sat down in it. Unfortunately for these guys they never got around to using the DoggieLawn unless of course you count laying in it using it? But lucky for me I always have dogs around to use as guinea pigs which is exactly what I did with my mother-in-laws dachshunds!

What We Love!

1. Easy Clean Up

My favorite thing about this product is the fact that it’s so easy to clean up. You pick up the poop as you would normally when taking your dog out for a walk while the pee soaks into the sod. Every few days you spray the grass lightly with water and ta-da you’re good to go!


2. It’s Real

This is where I think other grass potty’s fail in their execution. There’s no substitute for the real thing when it comes to grass and dogs. The DoggieLawn is literally a patch of grass. The kind of grass you see when you’re walking your dog around the neighborhood, not some fake plastic grass put together in a factory somewhere in China! It’s a pretty thick patch of sod which was surprising since I hadn’t expected that and can now see why these things last up to two weeks!

3. Disposable

After a week or two of your pup using it you don’t have to disinfect it and wash it down or change out the puppy pad in the tray, you simply just toss it out and replace with your new DoggieLawn

4. Delivered Fresh

Making sure that the grass is delivered fresh is the single most important part in using the DoggieLawn in my opinion. If you receive a product that’s already deteriorating by the time you start using it then you really aren’t getting your moneys worth. Thankfully the experts at DoggieLawn make it a point to send out their products as quickly as possible by using FedEx! Our grass looked and smelled fantastic when we received it and stayed in pretty good shape 2 weeks later.

For more information on DoggieLawn and how to order yours click here!

What are you using to potty train your pup?


* The opinions contained within this post are my own and I was not paid or compensated in any way for the review of this product.  

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