Going GREEN as a pet owner




Going green is the new black! Whether you recycle, drive an Eco friendly car or buy Eco friendly products most people now and days are making a more conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

But what about your pets carbon paw print? When people think about going green they think about ways that they can go green but don’t realize that there are just as many ways (easy ways too) to go green with your pet! Here are some of our favorites.

1. Buy in bulk

Buying pet food and supplies in bulk helps reduce packaging and cost as well as saving you the time and car trips to your local pet store to get your supplies.

2. Recycle

If you feed your pets can foods try opting for the larger cans as opposed to the smaller ones. This is more ecologic and also less metal, but more importantly than buying the larger cans remember to recycle them!

3. Scooping the Poop

Whether you clean out the litter box or scoop your dogs poop or both you can be green doing both things.

If you have a cat try using 1 large bag, a pail or container to reuse throughout the week as opposed to using a bag each and every single time you have litter box duty.

If you scoop your dogs poop in the yard you can use the same method and clean out your yard once a week to reduce the use of bags.

4. No More Plastic

Remove the use of plastic water bottles for pets and buy a filtration system instead. If you must use plastic bottles use them as chew toys for your dog. Some dogs love chewing on these bottles and something about the noise the bottle makes drives them crazy! (In a good way)

Also, buy pets’ ceramic or steel bowls in exchange for plastic ones as they are easier to clean and better for the environment.

5. Spay and Neuter

Yes spaying and neutering may not come to mind when you think of going green but when you take into account how many dogs and cats are euthanized every year, 8 million, due to overpopulation then things start to make a little bit more sense.


So, what are you and your pets doing to be green?

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Lori Waters

Lori Waters

Animal Expert Extraordinaire! at The Litter Sitter, inc.
Lori Waters is the author and voice behind Thee Inside Poop as well as the owner and operator of The Litter Sitter, a local dog walking and pet sitting company in Miami Beach, FL. When she's not busy blogging and taking care of clients' pets you can find her running around with her german shepherd Zoey or having in-depth conversations with her two fur balls, Michi and Oakley!
Lori Waters