Overnight Pet Sitter – When Do I Need One?

If you’re like most people you enjoy going on extended vacations (2-3 weeks) every now and then but probably worry about

200562379-001leaving your pet for such a long period of time. Sure you’ll have a pet sitter stop by a few times during the day to feed, walk and essentially check up on them but you’re not sure if this is enough to keep your pet happy and healthy while you’re away. No worries, overnight stays may be just the thing for you (and your pet)!


How do you know if you need one?

If you worry about 3 out of the 4 choices listed below when leaving your pet then you should definitely consider hiring a pet sitter for an overnight stay next time you’re out of town!

Separation Anxiety

For furry friends who get anxious when their pet parents aren’t around having an overnight pet sitter is a god88804863 send. Many of these pets are usually never absent from the presence of another person. They are typically by their parents side while they go about their daily routines: grabbing a bite to eat, grocery shopping, checking the mail, going to dinner and hanging with friends! When they are left alone they tend to freak out hardcore. Whining, barking, pacing and worst of all destroying things! Having an overnight pet sitter keep your pet from freaking out about where you are and why you’re not around is an added bonus to ensuring that your pet is happy, healthy and stress free while you are away. It also helps to make sure that your home isn’t redecorated by your pet when you get back!

Medical Attention

If your pet is one that requires frequent monitoring due to their health: seizures, heart condition, incontinence then you definitely need an overnight pet sitter to keep a close eye on them not only during the day but also during the night. One of my clients’ dogs’ suffers from a heart condition and is adamant about scheduling an overnight pet sitter to make sure his dogs’ heart doesn’t have any complications throughout the night. He’s an elderly dog whose had a few scares in the past so we make sure to pay extra special attention to him when we spend the night.

Lonely / Bored

Pets get bored and lonely too believe it or not! I once left my cat for 2 weeks with a pet sitter who would stop by twice a day to feed, clean out his litter box and keep him company but this just wasn’t enough as I soon found out when I got back. He was MEOWLING  (my word for meowing and crying really loudly) and following me around for days! He must have missed me and been very lonely because he was so happy to see me and also angry at me for what I assume is leaving him behind. Pets, especially dogs, are very social creatures which is probably why they tend to get a little nutty when you leave them alone for hours at a time. They get bored and start getting into the trash or chewing on your furniture or destroying their toys (does this sound like someone you know???)

Peace of Mind

Knowing that there is someone there keeping an eye on your furry friend while you’re on the other side of the country, in 148163236another state or out for the night is an indescribable feeling. Not having to worry if your pet is bored, lonely or anxious are just a few of the benefits when you hire an overnight pet sitter!




– 2 week vacation to Cancun, Mexico [CHECK!]

– Bags packed [CHECK!]

– Passport and Boarding passes [CHECK!]

– Extra dog and cat food [CHECK!]

– Overnight Pet Sitter [CHECK!]



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Lori Waters

Lori Waters

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Lori Waters