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Zoey and I were lucky enough to win a Bugsy’s Box thanks to our friends over at GogoDogo (an awesome blog featuring an adorable Dogo Argentino)! This box is a tad bit late to be reviewed -it’s a Halloween edition, but with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and also getting lost in the mail it was delayed in the review process. Despite it being late this box was one of the boxes that I’d been hoping to get my hands on and review for quite some time! It’s one of the popular Pet Subscription boxes circulating the interwebs right now and we were so excited to finally receive this in the mail.

Bugsy’s Box is yet another pet subscription box (I swear there are so many awesome boxes out these days I just want to subscribe to them all) where you can choose a monthly, 3-month or 6-month subscription (you save more money when you subscribe to either the 3 or 6 month subscription) with prices starting as low as $19/month and shipping available to the US and Canada. You get to choose your box based on the size of your pet (small, medium and large) and your type of subscription and then sit back and wait for your box! I have to say that this company is one of the cutest subscription box companies out there as far as their website is concerned. They have Bugsy who is the company mascot, an adorable little pug, featured all over the site!

For this particular box we got a ton of goodies, treats to be exact which Zoey loves and also a human product for myself which I really liked. First up we have:

Northern Pumpkin Pie Treats

These were Zoey’s favorite treats out of the 3 we received in the box. She’s a big fan of pumpkin apparently, pumpkin pie to be exact! These treats are made in Canada (still pretty awesome as long as they aren’t from China) are wheat free and include ingredients like barley, pumpkin, oats kelp, and brewer’s yeast to name a few. They smell very much like pumpkin, kind of remind me of the pumpkin pastry’s found in Starbucks, and I assume they taste great too. When I first opened the treat packages I gave Zoey a sample of each and put them all away. Well the misses loved the pumpkin one so much she tried to go back for seconds and sneakily opened up the box the goodies were in and started sniffing around the trying to find a way into the package! I’m sure she would’ve gotten it open if I hadn’t been watching her the whole time.

Next up is a personal favorite of mine, not for the pups:

Jack & Audrey’s Skin Food in Spice Cake

I’m a sucker for organic products, I’m very much into what I put into my body as well as what I put on my body so when I saw this organic body butter hanging out in the bottom of the box I was excited, and then I opened it! This body butter smells AMAZING. It smells very much like cocoa butter and shea butter and is extremely moisturizing. I’ve never used a cocoa/shea butter butter or lotion but I’ve heard it’s great for hydrating the skin and reducing stretch marks both of which I have a few problem areas for. I first tested this product on my feet which is where I have unusually dry skin. I lathered up the stuff, it comes in a fairly stiff paste but once you warm it up in your hands it dissolves into a creamier lotion, and then put on my socks. The next day my feet were silky smooth and not dying of thirst like they normally are.

Bugsy's Box

These next few items were also a favorite of Zoey and they were these adorable plush squeaky toys! Zoey has always had a thing for squeaker toys, specifically she loves ripping them open and taking out the stuffing. Someone once told me that that is supposed to resemble wild dog behavior in that they’re removing and eating the animals bowels… not sure if there’s any truth to that but that’s something that I think about whenever I see her tearing into her toys and pulling out all the stuffing. If you notice in a few of the photos where the toys are featured you’ll see a few loose threads, drool and other random bits  that was Zoey terrorizing the toys before I even got a chance to take photos of them. She gives them 2 paws up!

She wasn’t a fan of the next bag of treats which didn’t surprise me as she was obsessed with the pumpkin treats before them and anything after that was just second best… if that. These were the:

Crumps’ Naturals Sweet Potato Strips (with cranberry)

I can’t say Zoey’s ever had cranberry. She wouldn’t even eat this treat, good thing I only gave her half because she just took it from me and dropped it off in another part of the house. These treats contain no additives, preservatives, artificial colors and are made in Canada (did I mention that our friends over at Gogo Dogo are canadian, I’m seeing a reoccurring theme here)! They’re a pretty stiff/firm treat, I had a hard time breaking it into pieces to feed to Zoey, this treat wouldn’t be a great idea for dogs who like to inhale their foods as it may get lodged in their throat if they swallow it but it would be great treat for a dog who needs some extra chewing. They also smell like sweet potato of course!

Last but not least:

Purebites Freeze Dried Turkey Breast Treats

She was also a fan of these, I would say these were #2 on her favorites list right after the Pumpkin Pie treats. These were very light weight treats, probably because they are in fact freeze dried, and are made in the US! They’re high in protein and contain less than 7 calories – especially important if you have an overweight pup who you are trying to maintain on a diet.

Bugsy's Box2

Overall I’d say Zoey was pretty pleased with this month’s Bugsy’s Box. She had a number of favorites and there was even a human product for myself which was pretty cool. Normally these pet subscription boxes don’t include any surprises for the humans but it was nice to finally get something in the mail!

Have you tried any pet subscription boxes? If so, which ones did you enjoy? 

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  • Great review! We will be trying our first pet box very soon – The Bully Box!

    Those treats all look great. So far we have only tried the PureBites and they were a big hit!