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Have you guys noticed how popular pet subscription boxes have been as of late? I mean seriously there’s at least 10 different kinds of subscription boxes for both dogs and cats! I’ve always been interested in these boxes but have never actually tested them out… until now! This past month we were lucky enough to receive our very first subscription box thanks to our friends over at PetBox and we (more so myself) couldn’t be more excited, although I’m sure Zoey was pretty excited about it too because she kept sniffing and pawing at the box… not to mention following me around everywhere I went!

For those of you souls, because I assume everyone who is a dog or cat lover has already heard, seen and is probably already subscribed, who have no idea what PetBox is it’s essentially a monthly subscription box filled with tons of goodies for your furry friend! These goodies include food products (wet or dry), treats, chew toys, toys, grooming products and so much more. There is a variety of subscription plans that anyone can choose depending on your budget and those range anywhere from $9.95-$59.95.

There were a number of products Zoey and her friends (my mother-in-laws dogs) absolutely loved so let’s check out what we got for this month!


Pawtastic Fleece Chew Toy

My first impression of this fleece toy was… this isn’t going to last very long for Zoey. She’s very much a destroyer when it comes to toys and pretty much loves taking things apart and shredding them to pieces! To my surprise she didn’t do that to this particular toy instead she kept flea-ing it, if that’s even a word. Unfortunately she wasn’t much of a fan of this chew toy, she’s more of a ball girl but it’s definitely a unique toy that I’m sure chewers would love.

BarkWorthies Long Curly Bully Stick

This was one of Zoey’s favorite things out of this month’s PetBox! She loves, loves, LOVES bully sticks. Bully sticks were actually the very first chew toy I ever bought her and she’s been hooked on them ever since. I’ve tried giving her different kinds of chewing toys i.e antlers, himalayan chews, knuckle bones and none of them appeal to her as much as these things do. As soon as I took off the tag and handed it to her she went off into the grass and started going to town on it. It literally took her 15-20 minutes to get through it. Granted it wasn’t a very big one but she goes through these pretty quickly as it is.

It’s Purely Natural Chicken Jerky Bone-Shaped Treats

The first thing I do when I buy a bag of treats is smell them… that’s pretty much the first thing I do with most things I eat or put on my body so I was pleasantly surprised when I took a whiff of these treats and found that they smelled pretty good! If I wasn’t a vegetarian and loved dog treats I would definitely eat these. The looked and smelled great and Zoey and the gang all loved them!


 Tropiclean Fresh Breath

I remember seeing this product years ago when one of my daily dog walking clients started using the product on his dog. I was a little iffy about it as I didn’t understand how it worked but he swore by it and was constantly repurchasing this product. Tropiclean Fresh Breath is essentially a water additive that helps freshen breath and break down plaque and tartar. You just add a capful, or however much your pup needs, to their water and let it work! We’re still testing this product out but I am starting to see or should I say smell a significant improvement in Zoey’s breath!

Be Pawsitive Dog Treats

These Be Pawsitive dog treats were another hit not only for myself but also for the pups! It passed the sniff test with flying colors and the pups thoroughly enjoyed them, as they do most treats I give them. Check out Rose (the weenie) giving these treats her own sniff test, she says they passed! The thing I love about this company is the fact that not only are their dog treats ORGANIC but they also donate a portion of their moneys to shelter pets in need!

Alcott Essentials Adventure Bowl

As a dog walker living in sunny Miami Beach carrying around fresh water for my pups when we go on walks is a must. Temperates out here can reach an easy 90 degrees and with some of my furry friends that’s just extremely hot! I found this collapsable bowl to be perfect not only for my dog walking clients but also for Zoey especially whenever we’d go to the dog park. It’s made out of a pretty durable material, fits just about anywhere or can be attached to your pets leash or my work bag.


All in all we were extremely pleased with all of the goodies we received this month from our PetBox. Some products I’d used before and was pretty familiar with while other products I’d not heard of or tried so it was pretty nice to be able to test them out and then decide whether or not I would purchase them in the future. Having a PetBox subscription is a great way to expose your pet and yourself to new products that you may have never heard of and it’s always great to get goodies in the mail. I’m sure your pup (or kitty) will be very excited to know that there’s something in a box for them for a change as opposed to the usual boring mail!

 * The opinions contained within this post are my own and I was not paid way for the review of this product. 

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Lori Waters

Lori Waters

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Lori Waters

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  • annstaub

    Oh this one is like our August box, but just a little different. That fleece toy lasted way longer than I expected with Shiner. In fact, we still have a piece of it that she keeps playing with lol…