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What Are Some Natural Flea Products For Dogs And Cats?

Lori Waters

Lori Waters

Animal Expert Extraordinaire! at The Litter Sitter, inc.
Lori Waters is the author and voice behind Thee Inside Poop as well as the owner and operator of The Litter Sitter, a local dog walking and pet sitting company in Miami Beach, FL. When she's not busy blogging and taking care of clients' pets you can find her running around with her german shepherd Zoey or having in-depth conversations with her two fur balls, Michi and Oakley!
Lori Waters

Flea season is here and it’s back with a vengeance! In our home it’s a constant battle when it comes to fleas especially when the summer time rolls around. Zoey is usually the one who starts itching and scratching and then the cats follow not long afterwards, creating this vicious cycle between all three pets in which fleas are just jumping from one to another!

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