Why This Cat Is OBSESSED With my iPad!

In an age driven by technology, where even the youngest of the youngest now carry around cellphones and iPads, it can come as no surprise that even our furry friends are obsessed with technology as much as we are!

I recently discovered a game on my iPad mini for cats that my sister’s cat Badgley is completely obsessed with! It’s called “Game For Cats” (go figure!)

Photo Jan 22, 12 22 15 PM

It has 3 scenarios to choose from:

1) The Laser Dot (this isn’t the actual name of the scenario but it’s the one I’ve given it and its pretty self explanatory!)

Photo Jan 22, 12 22 21 PM

2) The Mouse (which is Badgley’s favorite one! The mouse also squeaks when it gets swatted which is probably why he like’s this one more than the other two scenes)

Photo Jan 22, 12 22 56 PM

3) The butterfly (this one doesn’t make any sounds when you swat it)

Photo Jan 22, 12 39 19 PM

The rules of the game are simple: SWAT THE DOT, MOUSE or BUTTERFLY and get points!

Easy enough right? For Badgley I think it’s safe to say it’s more than just a game. He goes all out when he’s trying to catch the mouse on the screen, so much so that he’s started to life the screen protector off my iPad (grrrr) and has tried to flip over the iPad thinking that the mouse was possibly hiding underneath it! Every time he sees my sister or myself pull out our iPads he immediately comes over and makes himself comfortable and starts watching the screen waiting for the game to be setup for him. We don’t always set the game up for him because you know, we’re working? But he doesn’t care so he starts swatting at the iPad whenever he sees anything move! My sister has come up with a phrase for him whenever he starts to insert himself in front of either one of our iPads: “Is it iPad time? Is it iPad time?” He’s so cute and it’s so funny watching him get all excited while he’s playing but it can be a little bit annoying when you’re trying to get some work done and you have a cat swatting at your screen the whole time.

As of recently Badgley’s high score is 6,800 points!


I haven’t been letting him use my iPad to play his game lately because as I said earlier he’s started to life the screen protector off my iPad and I’m afraid of him scratching it. My iPad is the one that has the Mouse and Butterfly scenes as I actually paid to get the upgraded version… don’t ask! My sister on the other hand couldn’t justify paying $.99 for a game that’s for CATS! Mind you the app itself is free but it only comes with the dot version.

Does your cat have any online games he/she likes to play? If so, I’d love to hear it and test them out with my kitties!

To see more videos of Badgley and also his brother in action click the links below:

Badgley plays game on iPad!

Mischka trys to top Badgley’s high score

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