Wordless Wednesday – Oakley & The Cookie

Wordless Wednesday - Oakley Wordless Wednesday - Oakley My little Oakley kept insisting that he had to have a piece of my chocolate chip cookie even after I repeatedly told him “NO” and stuffed it back in the bag… he just kept pulling it out! He didn’t actually eat any of it but I’m sure if I’d let him he would’ve chewed off a chunk!

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Lori Waters

Lori Waters

Animal Expert Extraordinaire! at The Litter Sitter, inc.
Lori Waters is the author and voice behind Thee Inside Poop as well as the owner and operator of The Litter Sitter, a local dog walking and pet sitting company in Miami Beach, FL. When she's not busy blogging and taking care of clients' pets you can find her running around with her german shepherd Zoey or having in-depth conversations with her two fur balls, Michi and Oakley!
Lori Waters

  • Connie KittyBlog

    LOL.. little theif!

  • “puhleeeeease!” 😉

  • Dogs N Pawz

    We think that cookie looks yummy too Oakley! We would have eaten it if we had gotten that close!

  • Janet/TheCatOnMyHead

    Glad Oakley didn’t get any of that chocolate. Time to put cat treats in that bag and see if the same thing happens. What a cutie pie. We cats just have to investigate. It’s who we are. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Dash Kitten in NZ

    LOL OOOH Oakley – that is NOT a good look with chocolate!!

  • M. K. Clinton

    Cookies that come in those little brown bags are the best! Oakley has great taste!

  • Love Oakley eyes. For sure the cookie smells delish. Happy BlogPaws WW. Golden Woofs